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 Sometimes life can become difficult and we can feel in need of some help and it’s alright. If you are facing one of those challenging moments in life, maybe it is time for finding some support. I can help you – as an individual -, your child, adolescent, family. I would like you to know that it is completely normal and humane to ask for some professional support and I’m here in case you need it.

Phone: +34 665 879 742
Email: m.mamoraes@gmail.com


Introductory Session

The aim of this session is to get to know each other. I will do an assessment to get to know you, your family story, what is currently happening in your life, things that you would like to change or improve. If possible, we will establish goals and targets for Therapy and this will help us during the role Therapeutic process.



What comes next?

After the introductory session, we work together to achieve a deeper understanding of your whole context: you as an individual, your family and the issues that made you come to find guidance.

Normally we start with weekly sessions but this may change accordingly due to the Therapeutic process itself. 

It is important to understand that Therapy is a process that demands commitment and it is likely to require time in order to process contents and to achieve your goals.

My Resources

I work with Systemic and Integrative Therapy, using different techniques that are very powerful to help you and your family to achieve your goals and the changes that you aim and need.

Therapy is based on communication – either verbal or nonverbal – and speech. However sometimes it can be hard to express what we are feeling. In those moments, I will use creative techniques such as: play, arts, draw, write, paint, mindfulness, photos, books, cards, games, body image, role play etc.

The techniques will help us to have a better understanding of your feelings and emotions and of what you are going through.


“It´s a privilege to support children, adolescents and families through challenging moments in life”



"Marina has helped us negotiate with our 11-year old son time limits for screens and for him to assume the responsibility of keeping track of his time. Also to negotiate household chores. We believe that our trying to impose these rules ourselveswouldn'thavebeensoeffectiveandinasuchashorttime."
Mom, 11 y.o boy
Barcelona 2019
Our son has felt comfortable with Marina and we are satisfied with the progress made so far. We know that there are no magical solutions to behaviour issues, emotions and relationships, and in that sense we are very satisfied to see our son making an effort to go to the sessions and to try to understand his own emotions and take charge of his responsibilities.
Mom, 11 y.o boy
Barcelona 2019


Carrer de París, 162, 08036 Barcelona

09:00 AM – 20:00 PM
Monday – Friday

10:00 AM – 14:00 PM

Contact me

Phone: +34 665 879 742
Email: m.mamoraes@gmail.com

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