the house of emotions

The House of Emotions is a project created to support families and guide them through their process of self-knowledge by learning and recognizing their own emotions.


Empower families for a positive education and Nonviolent communication, offering tools and strategies to deal with challenging situations and moments in life. In a unique space where they will learn, share, listen, talk and express themselves through play.


To offer a space where children, adolescents and families will learn through play and by the interaction with peers, having the opportunity to improve their emotional development, based on a creative experience, transforming their reality in a pleasant way, in an space where all cultures are accepted and freedom, imagination and creativity happens.


Justice, ethics, respect, solidarity, responsibility and transparency.


Workshops for Schools

  • Emotional Intelligence for School staff

  • School Mediation tools

  • Nonviolent communication

  • Bullying and Cyberbullying

  • Screen Time

  • Integrating into a new country

  • Mental Heath


Workshops for Families

  • Emotional Intelligence (Knowing and recognizing Emotions)
  • Screen Time family agreements
  • Conflicts and Family Mediation tools

Workshop for families at Kids Time Me Time Barcelona

Workshop for Families at Nurseries in Barcelona.

Workshops for Families at @Elcau Barcelona.

Workshops for families at Mama´s Corner Barcelona

Workshops for families at Therapy in Barcelona

Workshops for Children

  • Emotional Intelligence (dealing with anger, fear, sadness, grief and loss etc)

Workshops for Adolescents

  • Mental Health (anxiety, depression, grief and loss & suicide)
  • Self-esteem & Body Image
  • Friendships, Transitions & Integration/adaptation
  • Relationship with parents
  • Childhood
  • Becoming and adult
  • Emotional Intelligence & Mindfulness
  • Sexuality
  • Drugs & alcohol

Workshops for Parents

  • Childhood (my inner child)
  • Parenting styles
  • Conflicts and Family Mediation tools
  • Emotions: how to support my child/adolescent
  • Use of screens and technology in the family
  • Integrating into a new country
  • Becoming a parent
  • Surviving adolescence
  • Parents support group

Workshops for Parents at Therapy in Barcelona


  • My Inner Child
  • Self-esteem & Body Image
  • Expats life
  • Feeling lonely
  • Career changes
  • Dealing with depression & anxiety
  • Dealing with anger
  • Relationships & friendships
  • Women support group

Summer Camp

Maybe you have never thought that it could be possible to have fun learning about emotions during the vacations right?

I have experience working with children and helping them to learn about Emotional Intelligence in a very different, creative and special way.

Get in touch and found out more about this unique and innovative approach.

Summer Camp at International School in Barcelona


Would you like to have a space where your child could learn about Emotional Intelligence in a fun and creative way?

Get in touch with me to understand how I teach children to learn, identify and recognize their own emotions.