All families have conflicts, the difference is, what each family decide to do with them. If you are reading this is because you need a change in your family life and you are being brave because even if it´s not easy, you are seeking for some support.

Congratulations! This is the first step to find different ways to deal with challenging times for the family.

Sometimes we can feel very overwhelmed when we have tried many options but still with the same family issue right?

In life, we can always have a different choice and a new opportunity. In your case, you could keep fighting with a member from your family, you could try to forget about your family and run away from them or you could choose to find a lawyer and start a painful and long judicial process.

However, I´m sure we can try something different for all the common solutions you have maybe tried until now.

If you see yourself in one of the situations bellow, I am sure a Family Mediation can help you.

The areas I can provide support:

  • Separation or Divorce
  • Conflicts with your partner
  • Family conflicts
  • Conflicts between Adolescent and parents
  • Different parenting styles
  • Life Transitions
  • Adoption (Before and after the adoption process)
  • Adoption (Foster Care or Birth Family)
  • School conflicts